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Discover Marginal of Foz and Matosinhos by bike or electric bike.

Matosinhos is a city that belongs to the District of Oporto. Its heritage is composed of Senhor do Padrão monument and the Church of the Senhor de Matosinhos, located in Matosinhos. In marginal of Matosinhos can enjoy your inline skates, skateboards, scooters and bikes and have a pretext for a walk along the seaside.

Oporto it's still an city known worldwide for its wine, for its bridges and contemporary and ancient architecture, it's the historic center. Classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, for the quality of the restaurants and for your gastronomy. Points of interest include the Pateleiras Park and the Serralves Foundation, a museum of contemporary art. Foz is another point of interest and is considered by many people with the most beautiful part of the Oporto city, where you can enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean combined with a beautiful and romantic seafront promenade.

Still in evidence you will see the Anémona Sculpture that is an sculpture symbol design,Transparent Building, Fort S. Francisco Xavier and Sea life that is an aquarium of sea animals. In the marginal we can find beach points such as Castelo do Queijo Beach, Homem do Leme Beach, Molhe Beach, Gondarém Beach, Luz Beach, Ourigo Beach and Pastoras Beach. Also, City's Park and Water Pavilion are located in a surrounding landscape that you can enjoy cycling and also relax.

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